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Business and pleasure

Approaching Magic Woods in Averstal.

Last week I had to attend the Black Diamond sales meeting in Arlesheim in the Basel Jura. As usual i took the oppportunity to squeeze in a few days of climbing on the trip as well. A few weeks ago I got to know Daniel and Courtney when they stayed at my place while visiting Stockholm to participate in a comp/event at a local gym. They invited me to join them for a few days in Ticino when I came to Switzerland. Done deal and we had two bluebird days bouldering in Chironico and Magic Woods. As usual I mainly punted around but surprized myself by climbing Dave Graham’s Confessions of a Crap Artist in less than a handful of tries. Not quite as hard as the grade in the guide would suggest, not even close if you’d ask me. I climbed quite a few other problems given lower grades that felt harder and I guess that’s one of the reasons why I don’t bother so much about the grades anymore. I got a lot of problems done as well as got humbled on quite a few. Never the less the quality of the rock and the problems as well as the variety really made an impression on me, not to mention the setting. Definately a place to return to.

Daniel Woods coming very close on "Somewhere in Between"

It’s always nice to come down to Arlesheim in the Basel Jura for the sales meetings with BD. As usual we stayed at the Kloster in Dornach which is great, mind the bells of the monestary that go of at 6 am every morning. Quite annoying but a good incentive to get up and go running in the hills before the daily chores.
This time I stayed a couple of days after the meeting as well to hang out with the crew at BD and climb in the Jura. This area is not quite as well known outside the country as the Frankenjura but in many ways they resemble each other: Heaps of small jurassic limestone crags scattered around the lush forrested alpine foothills. The climbing is documented in what probably is the most beautiful guidebook available, the ”Fluebible”  (the Crag Bible) and the climbing itself is not bad at all. Actually it’s so good that I concider a couple of the routes as some of the better I’ve climbed this year.

Tools of the trade. The best allround shoes ever...!? love these puppies. ...and a maté of coarse.



Time to climb...


Amelie attempting Phèdre at Vermes in the Basel Jura.


Five stars, I'm obliged to agree.

BBQ at Casa Lorenzo


Casa Lorenzo

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