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Chulilla, Christmas and New years

Fun days in the play ground of #Chulilla. Hilde taking a little swing at sector “El Balcon”. Ett filmklipp publicerat av Erik Massih (@erik_massih) Jan 3, 2016 kl. 2:04 PST    

Arcteryx Periodical

Arc’teryx just launched an online journal called LITHOGRAPHICA. “Good conversation is an exploration; it engages the mind, hosts many perspectives, changes direction and is designed to entertain. LITHOGRAPHICA is a quarterly journal of stories that seeks out ideas, shares knowledge and keep itself open to possibility. Welcome to our first issue.”

Patagonia: Random Pics from the Chocolateria

One of my favorite places to hang out at in El Chalten is the Chocalateria josh Aike. Great coffee, awesome chocolate, sick brownies, rustique atmosphere and loads of climbing mags.