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Business and pleasure

Last week I had to attend the Black Diamond sales meeting in Arlesheim in the Basel Jura. As usual i took the oppportunity to squeeze in a few days of climbing on the trip as well. A few weeks ago I got to know Daniel and Courtney when they stayed at my place while visiting […]

Lindal Open

I’m trying to put together a post with some pics from Oskars and my roadtrip to Norway from which we got back last weekend. In the mean time I’ll post some snaps from the first stop of the trip, Bohuslän, where we spent a couple of days attending Maja and Stefans wedding. Their big day […]

Patagonia: Bouldering snippets

One of the best suprises with the climbing around El Chalten was probably not the long approaches but rather that the hillsides around town hosted some good bouldering. Good as in really good bouldering. Recently I read something like “Bouldering in Patagonia is like masturbating in a whore house”. Who knows, maybe it’s true, but the […]

We are brave

Parts of the Tatatataa collective joined us to Åland over Easter. Martin filmed and and edited in his usual manner.

Aurinko paistaa

Mainland Finland probably isn’t famous for it’s climbing but for sure there are a couple of gems. Two of them are Falkberget and the sandstone!!?? bouldering area E75 close to Lahti. A couple of weekends ago I was invited show some slides (pics) and got the opportunity to climb at these two locations. Nice rock, cool […]

On the wrong side of vertical.

 The weekend was spent on the positive side of vertical as both Saturday, Sunday as well as Monday were spent slab climbing. Saturday was dedicated to Scott Mooneys newly established route Moonwalker at Bistaberget, a rather short route with a bouldery slabby crux. Pretty difficult. I failed, Martin failed while young, gifted and slack Erik Lundquist […]

Spring pics and a vid from Åland

This spring Daniel Andersson, Erik Lindvall and I went over to the Åland archipelago in the Baltic sea, between Sweden and Finland, for a weekend of bouldering and posing. Here are a couple of shots and a vid from the trip. Daniel Andersson DoDo Åland from Erik Lindvall on Vimeo. See more of Erik Lindvalls work […]


A quick stop at a beautiful little solitary boulder in the Brändö archipelago, NW Åland. A few good lines remain to cleaned and climbed. Lunch, mini golf, bouldering and a swim.

Kalvsbergen, Geta, Åland