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Trip Report

Climbing again…

Wow! Finally climbing again. After a long hiatus due to ACl/MCL reconstruction surgery last fall. Climbed Lipton together with Johan Rasta Larsson and then the classic dry tooling route Fission on my second go. I guess I’m recovered. .

Aladaglar Mountains, Central Turkey, August 2012

Last summer (2012) Anita Rostén, Hampus Rääf, Sofia and myself embarked on a semi adventurous trip to the Aladaglar mountains in central Turkey.  These pics have been wasting precious disc space on my PC for over a year now and finally I got the time to do something with them. All in all, a magnificent […]

Patagonia: First round

Back down in El Chalten again since a couple of days after two nights at the Piedra Negra bivvi and a quick hit in the mountains. Magnus, Thomas and I climbed the Fonrouge route on Aguja Guillamet in pretty snowy and cold conditions up to the ridge and rapped down the Guillotte couloir on my […]

Summit Post.