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Sports climbing

Chulilla, Christmas and New years

Fun days in the play ground of #Chulilla. Hilde taking a little swing at sector “El Balcon”. Ett filmklipp publicerat av Erik Massih (@erik_massih) Jan 3, 2016 kl. 2:04 PST    

Sperlonga, Grotta dell Areonauta

Business and pleasure

Last week I had to attend the Black Diamond sales meeting in Arlesheim in the Basel Jura. As usual i took the oppportunity to squeeze in a few days of climbing on the trip as well. A few weeks ago I got to know Daniel and Courtney when they stayed at my place while visiting […]

Summer wine 2011

Oskar’s and my trip to the greater ranges had to be cancelled for different reasons so we opted for a shorter and slightly less exotic road trip instead. Here’s a recap from our little outing. Bohuslän The first pit stop for this little roadtrip was Bohuslän on the west coast of Sweden mainly to attend […]


I honestly don’t know why I try to maintain a blog in the first place. I hardly ever get the time or motivation to update it. One thing that struck some time ago is that while climbing motivation goes up everything thats related to climbing just becomes less relevant, only the actual climbing matters. In […]

A Family Trip to the Heart of Sweden

Last weekend Five Ten and I were invited to participate in a Climbing festival at Sjöända in Småland. Jim Wasmuth, one of Swedens sport climbing pioneers provided us with a gorgeous cottage overviewing the lake Ämten. Johan Luhr gave a great slideshow to celebrate his 50th birthday and at midnight Said continiued the show and showed […]

Tyresö, Spring 2011, Narcissism.

Träskberget on the Tyresö peninsula har been all the rage this spring, at least among my friends. Much thanks to Johan Luhr who has put enormous ammounts of effort into cleaning, bolting and climbing these routes all between 7c and 8b. Johan just turned 50 and put up his latest 8b, Oldfinger, just a couple […]

French Connections

Last Saturday Daniel Andersson had a particularly good day of sports climbing at Östnoraberget, half an hour of south of Stockholm, sending both Arc de Triomphe and Vive la France in an annoyingly easy manner making the rest of us look even weaker and more uncoordinated than usual.

Aurinko paistaa

Mainland Finland probably isn’t famous for it’s climbing but for sure there are a couple of gems. Two of them are Falkberget and the sandstone!!?? bouldering area E75 close to Lahti. A couple of weekends ago I was invited show some slides (pics) and got the opportunity to climb at these two locations. Nice rock, cool […]

Motion picture

Our friend Martin filmed and edited this little snippet. Erik å Erik klättrar Moonwalker på Bistaberget i Nyköping.