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Tyresö, Spring 2011, Narcissism.

Largo, Träskberget. Ph: Erik Lindvall

Träskberget on the Tyresö peninsula har been all the rage this spring, at least among my friends. Much thanks to Johan Luhr who has put enormous ammounts of effort into cleaning, bolting and climbing these routes all between 7c and 8b. Johan just turned 50 and put up his latest 8b, Oldfinger, just a couple of days ago, also here on Träskberget, all of them super fun and a bit atypical for Tyresö with their steep and blocky style. I climbed most of them including the variations this spring but Johan’s newest addition will probably have to wait till atumn or at least till cooler weather comes in. Again my triggerhappy friend Erik Lindvall, joined me and Erik Lundqvist for a session to get some shots.

Largo, Träskberget.

Scaramanga, Ph: Erik Lindvall



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