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Spring pics and a vid from Åland

Daniel Andersson on Tomi's Roof. Photo by Erik Lindvall

This spring Daniel Andersson, Erik Lindvall and I went over to the Åland archipelago in the Baltic sea, between Sweden and Finland, for a weekend of bouldering and posing. Here are a couple of shots and a vid from the trip.

Daniel Andersson DoDo Åland from Erik Lindvall on Vimeo.

Playing with the light on Voodoo. Photo by Erik Lindvall.

Having a hit of Kali Mist. Photo By Erik Lindvall.

Trying to unsolve the mysteries of Drakguld. Photo by Erik Lindvall

Tomi's Roof. Photo by Erik Lindvall.

Ph: Erik Lindvall,

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