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Ronny Medelsvensson. New free route on Profilveggen (The Profile Wall), Jøssingfjord, Norway

Ronny Medelsvensson, Profilveggen, Jøssingfjord In July Crister Jansson and I added a new free climb to the majestic Profilveggen (the Profile Wall in Jøssingfjord, Rogaland, Norway) by climbing the route Heksenatt without aid. I first spotted and tried the line together with Oskar Alexandersson back in 2011 when we were on an exploratory trip in […]

Jössingfjord Revisited

Summer wine 2011

Oskar’s and my trip to the greater ranges had to be cancelled for different reasons so we opted for a shorter and slightly less exotic road trip instead. Here’s a recap from our little outing. Bohuslän The first pit stop for this little roadtrip was Bohuslän on the west coast of Sweden mainly to attend […]

Valle di Orco


Cracks of Hopiavuori

Finnish Splitters