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Baruk Khazád!

After some research I realized it was most likely a FA I pulled off this wknd. In that case I'd like to call it "Baruk Khazád!" (The Axes of the Dwarfs). Similar physical difficulty as the neighbouring "Fission" but a bit more techy. All bolted, no ice! Mfun! #drytooling #mixedclimbing #iceclimbing #climbing #Rjukan @sterlingrope #nanoIX […]

New route in Krokan?

Yesterday I climbed this fun #drytooling route to the left of Fission, the area's test piece, in the #Krokan area, #Rjukan, #Norway. Last year I was told it was an unclimbed project so now I'm a bit curious to know if it has been climbed earlier. I felt it was similar to Fission regarding the […]

Snapshots from Rodellar

"You don't go for a cup of coffee after climbing; rather, going out for coffee is part of climbing." -Wolfgang Güllich. The folks at #Goma2 have got the hang of it. @arcteryx @fiveten_official #cafecortado Ett foto publicerat av Erik Massih (@erik_massih) den Okt 10, 2014 at 5:23 PDT All the gypsies coming to life in the […]

Ronny Medelsvensson. New free route on Profilveggen (The Profile Wall), Jøssingfjord, Norway

Ronny Medelsvensson, Profilveggen, Jøssingfjord In July Crister Jansson and I added a new free climb to the majestic Profilveggen (the Profile Wall in Jøssingfjord, Rogaland, Norway) by climbing the route Heksenatt without aid. I first spotted and tried the line together with Oskar Alexandersson back in 2011 when we were on an exploratory trip in […]

Because it’s there…

Project sent…


Climbing again…

Wow! Finally climbing again. After a long hiatus due to ACl/MCL reconstruction surgery last fall. Climbed Lipton together with Johan Rasta Larsson and then the classic dry tooling route Fission on my second go. I guess I’m recovered. .

The Art of Climbing

“Konstnärerna är ett särskilt släkte. De ser möjligheter. De viger sina liv åt det vi andra drömmer om. De tar risker och skapar någonting unikt som vi andra bjuds in att ta del av. Konst som öppnar upp, väcker känslor och vidgar vyerna. På Magnolia Café, Gallery & Flowers presenterar vi nu – kanske för […]