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Summer wine 2011

Oskar’s and my trip to the greater ranges had to be cancelled for different reasons so we opted for a shorter and slightly less exotic road trip instead. Here’s a recap from our little outing. Bohuslän The first pit stop for this little roadtrip was Bohuslän on the west coast of Sweden mainly to attend […]

Talking the Talk and Walking the Moonwalk

Scott Mooneys first ascent two weeks ago of Moonwalker at Bistaberget near Nyköping, about an hour and a half from Stockholm got a couple of us buzzing. Not that it’s a stunning line, don’t get me wrong, it’s not by any means bad but it was more the style that intrigued me, a bouldery and slabby […]

Spring, for real!

Spring in Stockholm

Travelling back from Chalten was maybe not a nightmare, but definately not pleasant. nearly 60 hours of travel via El Calafate, Ushuaia, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and London before landing at Arlanda where Sofia, Audun and Hilde where waiting to suprise me. I once again was reminded of the fact that I really don’t like […]

Patagonia: An inspired Moment

After a wet departing party for some gringos and a long night that ended up at the lokal Tango place in El Chalten, Thomas Meling and I got inspired to make use of the last little window of good weather. We started our hike up to Paso Guillamet after an early dinner and made it up […]

Patagonia, a late update.

A lot of stuff has been going on over last couple of weeks but too slow inetrnet connection. David and I have mostly unsucessfully attempted various things. A lot of cool stuff has been done by other climbers. Such as Magnus Eriksson’s and Thomas Meling’s integral ascent of the Mate y Porro” on the north pillar […]

Patagonia: First round

Back down in El Chalten again since a couple of days after two nights at the Piedra Negra bivvi and a quick hit in the mountains. Magnus, Thomas and I climbed the Fonrouge route on Aguja Guillamet in pretty snowy and cold conditions up to the ridge and rapped down the Guillotte couloir on my […]

Underground activities

Tsunami. Photo: Jörgen Sölander This weekend started out with a trip back to the silver mines outside Sala to climb with my friend Stefan Lindblom. Sala is located 20 km north of my home town Västerås and is most known for the mining which today the  has ceased and given place to slightly more recreational exploits. […]

Winter holidays and a New Year

We climbed quite

Gritstone Ice